Sunday, December 7, 2008

The weather outside is frightful......

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go out and take photos with some good friends. I enjoy these times more than people know! I get to spend time with people that share at least one thing in common with me and I can clear my mind and let my creative juices flow. These days are truly relaxing.
Last sunday was more than relaxing or getting away with friends, it was the first time this year that the magic hit me! You know, the moment that you are first filled with Christmas spirit. Yes that's it, you have been there too. Well my moment came while we were walking through a driving downfall of snow and right after a budy took a huge snowball to his lens LOL. After I finished laughing about his misfortune with the evil snowball throwing tree, I turned and saw my last glimpse of fall color dancing with the newly fallen snow.
Hope you enjoy my magical moment!
Autumn Death

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Benjamin Reed said...

I'm missing the Christmas spirit this year; usually I'm in Weldon Springs hiking around in the snow this year, but our criminal mastermind of a Governor closed the park this year :(