Thursday, November 6, 2008

Slowing Down

I have been driving by this same spot for weeks now watching the leaves change colors and planning on stopping for some good photos. Sad thing is I kept putting it off and my time was running out as each leaf turned and fell to the earth. Just the other day I wanted to stop with a friend and take a few shots but had to turn around, the area had been blocked off for the deer hunters.

Tonight right after work I hauled butt straight out to the lake to get a few quick shots before the sun went down. I drove by here twice while I was chasing deer and trying to get a photo of the "big one".

As the sun was setting and I was heading towards home something kept telling me to turn around and go back. When I arrived I knew I would have to choose my shots carefully as I would be using my favorite $5 lens with very little time to spare.

This is what I got, hope you like it! Autumn Evening

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here goes.........

After reading many other blogs, I felt that it was now time for me to give back to the world. This is completely new to me and will be a bit of an adjustment. So bare with me and delve into my mind (very dangerous, I know).
Ok, so this one wasn't taken w/mflenses....... LOL, you try to catch a hawk flying with them!